Transmission Cooler Installation 101

Total project time - approximately 1 hour
Installing a transmission cooler will keep the transmission fluid cool and prolong the life of an automatic transmission. As the engine heats up, so does the transmission fluid, thus causing the fluid to not provide the amount of support that it should. A transmission cooler works to keep these fluid temperatures down and provide a longer trannsmission life. It works like this: after the fluid goes into the radiator through the sending line, it is funneled through a small section at the bottom of the radiator, it then exits via a return line and reenters the transmission. A transmission cooler makes use of the return line. You connect up the return line to the transmission cooler, and then run the transmission cooler to the transmission. This provides for excellent cooling of the transmission fluid. Install is fairly simple
Installation tools are: a sharp blade, a flathead screwdriver, a 10mm socket wrench, a 12mm socket wrench, a few clamps, about 3 feet of new tubing, and the transmission cooler itself, plus four zip-ties that should be provided to mount it to the radiator.

Step 1. Remove undercarriage panel (5 bolts).
Step 2. Mount four foam spacers on tranny cooler to keep it from touching radiator too closely.
Step 3. Locate and unscrew both top bolts (12mm) holding on radiator, pick up radiator and dislodge it from two lower fittings (four total connections). Pull radiator back about 2 inches so you can reach between it and the air conditioning condenser to mount the transmission cooler.
Step 4. Remove Grill, Remove horn (12mm bolt) and Mount transmission cooler firmly to the air conditioning condenser using the four provided zip-ties.
Step 5. Connect hose with clamps to transmission cooler (make sure you get the correct length of hose, allow yourself one extra inch longer than your measurements). Put radiator back into place and bolt back up. Reconnect horn and grill.
Step 6. Disconnect return line from both radiator and transmission. Connect one hose from transmission cooler to radiator and attach with clamp. Connect the other hose from the transmission cooler to the transmission and connect with a clamp.
Step 7. Cut holes into the plastic panel that will reconnect to the undercarriage so the hoses will run through it. Remount undercarriage panel.